The best prices

We do the hard work so that you don’t have to! We negotiate the very best prices from suppliers around the globe to deliver the best deals on quality products.


Qualified suppliers

We have built our network of suppliers over 35 years, ensuring that we know we are getting the very best products at the best price.


Full range of product

We stock a wide range of FMCG products across Toiletries, Skin-care, Cosmetics and household goods. If we don’t have a specific product in stock we are happy to source it for you.


Safe shipping

Our logistics partners ensure that our products reach you in the best condition ready for resale to your customers.


Fast delivery

With our extensive stock housed in our purpose built warehouse we can arrange rapid delivery throughout the UK or the globe.


World wide range

We can source or deliver stock around the world through our extensive network. So whatever you need, wherever you need it – Mainline can help.

A Trusted Partner for Retailers and Brands

We believe in building successful, ongoing relationships with both suppliers and retail partners through mutual trust and respect and the art of doing a deal.

Some of the major brands that we trade in